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Contact Us

Name: Cruise
Tel: +86-576-87282293
Fax: +86-576-87282293
Mobile: 13967693922
E-mail: Gotsent@163.com
Add: Industrial Zone Qian Tang Yang Yuhuan Zhejiang
Skype: zhengluye728
QQ: 2470739273
Skype: zhengluye728 QQ: 2470739273 Gotsent@163.com

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        Taizhou Gotsent  Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, is located in the East China Sea coast of a shining pearl - Zhejiang Yuhuan beautiful environment and convenient transportation from the airport 1.5 hours Taizhou, Wenzhou airport 2 hours. Is a professional production of automobile and motorcycle parts, metal stamping parts, machinery parts, non-calibration of the manufacturers. At present ,we have passed the ISO90001 quality management system certification to guarantee the quality
        Products widely used in: automobile, motorcycle, machinery, hardware, medical, aerospace, furniture, mold, kitchen utensils and other industries and are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and other regions, in the domestic market by the majority of customers trust and praise. We are committed to high standards and high quality products, and constantly develop new products, and strive to improve the service, no matter how the world changes, always the same dedication of excellence, we would like to friends around the world to establish good relations of cooperation!
        We warmly welcome customers to sample or drawing for us develop
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Online service

Skype: zhengluye728 點擊這里給我發消息
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